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Making a London escort happy

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Do you love brunettes

Are you a brunette and would like to find a job in London that really pays? It is not always easy to find a job in London that pays well. What you really need to do is to step away from traditional lines of work. When I first started to look around for a job in London that paid well, I looked at all of the traditional jobs first of all. However, I found that not all of the traditional jobs paid that way. It was not until I came across my current company, Greenwich escorts like that I realised that you can earn good money in London.


If you are a brunette and live in London, you should certainly consider checking out the escort service in London. Leading escorts agencies such as Greenwich escorts, have job openings all of the time. Lots of girls presume that you have to be blonde to work for an agency such as Greenwich escorts, but that is not how the cookie crumbles. Many gents enjoy dating brunettes, and local London gents really seem to be into dating brunettes.


We do have blonde girls working for Greenwich escorts, but at the moment, I think that we have brunettes working for the agency. More gents seem to be interested in dating brunettes at the moment, and I am not sure why that is. Like so many other ladies, I would have thought that dating blondes with an escort agency would have been much more popular, but apparently this is not true for all areas in London. It seems that Greenwich gents really do like brunettes.


Do brunettes earn more? No, I am not sure that brunette escorts in London earn more than blonde escorts in London. Nor so very long ago, blonde escorts always used to earn more than brunette escorts, but now I think that we are a bit more even. Many of the brunettes at Greenwich escorts earn as much money as blonde escorts, and I don’t think that is going to change for a long time. It is not a bad thing that we are more even as it prevents a lot of jealousy at the agencies in London.


When I first started to work for Greenwich escorts, I did not think that the job was going to be for me at all. I am not sure, I had not expected to feel glamorous at all. Now I know that brunette escorts can be seen as just as hot and sexy as blonde girls. That has given me a lot of more confidence in my ability as an escort, and I think that you can notice that. Yes, to be successful as an escort, you do need to be put some effort in, but that is not really different from any other profession that you will come across in London. To make it in London, you have to work hard no matter what profession that you are in. If you are an escort, you may have to work a little bit harder.