Daily Archives: May 16, 2019

My sister is a lesbian.

Personally, I think that she is making too big of a deal of it. Lots of the girls here at London escorts, including me, are bisexual and we don’t really make such a big deal of it. I keep wondering if not everybody is a bit AC/DC at the end of the day. I always try to be as flexible as I can, and I am also very honest about my life. Most of my dates at escorts in London do not seem to have a problem with me being a bisexual, and these days, most people will just accept your sexuality, and take you for what you are and who you are. There is no need to make such a big deal of it.


In fact, many of my colleagues at London escorts thing that my sister has been going on a bit her sexuality for a long time now. She is trying to make it sound like she is the only lesbian south of the river. That is not true at all, and I have many friends who are lesbians. They may not work for London escorts, but they are still honest and upfront about their sexuality. I wish that my sister had been like that from the start. If she had, I may not have had to put up with her primadona nonsense.


The only people who are a bit upset about my sister coming out, are my parents. They don’t know that I work for London escorts as a bisexual escort, but they certainly know about my sister. She may as well have thrown a coming out party to make her announcement. Like I said to my mom, I am not sure that my sister is a true lesbian, and she should not make a big deal about my sister’s sexuality. I did not tell my mom that I work for escorts in London, I just said that I have friends who have been confused about their sexuality.


In many ways that is true. I date both gents and ladies here at escorts in London and a minority of my dates our confused about their sexuality. Like I like to say to my dates at escorts in London, I think that our sexuality is kind of fluid. We may be attracted and flirt with both men and women. To be honest, I sometimes think the word sensuality describes how we feel much better. Isn’t really our sexuality about satisfying our senses? After many years thinking about all of this, that is what I am beginning to believe.


So, if you are not certain if you are gay, bisexual or whatever, perhaps you should not worry about it. I don’t worry about my sexuality or sensuality any more, and I know that many of my friends at escorts in London feel the same way. It is all too easy to put a name on something, but it is my harder to sweep away perceived ideas. Think twice before you label your own sensuality and condemn yourself for what could be life……