A London escort is my prom date.



I wake up at 10:00 in the morning, the sun is out, and everyone is busy. It is the first day of enrollment, and everyone is getting ready already while I was still going to take a bath, my mom called me “Charlie hurry, the bus is waiting” and so I responded that I would ride with dad today. I feel so alive that day; you will hear the voices of your teachers again, meeting new classmates, and fooling the old ones. You can smell the fresh baked cookies at the canteen, and miss the ring during recess. I am done taking a bath and wear my new polo bought my mom; I am so excited to see my crush. I go to school, the sun is out, and it was very hot. Students are taking a line to enroll, and I was in the end. It so tiring standing for almost three hours, there are so many students, and I bet the number increased this year. I saw John, he is a black American, my best buddy since elementary, we are a best friend for too long, and we almost treat each other like brothers. He is the one I told my secrets in life, and we understand most of everything. Another day has passed by, and we are still at school to continue the enrollment and after a long day again, finally it was done. At night I was so excited for the school year, I want to see my old classmates and how they are doing now. I also excited to see my crush or a newbie in the class. I am just too excited to be back at school.


After a week, the long wait is over, It was time for school and woke up early. I never had breakfast and go to school. Jason and I are the earliest; we poke fun at all students passing by until I got speechless for a girl, I bet she is new, she is blonde and utterly beautiful. She smiles at me, and I stare at her, Jason finds its funny, but I think it was love at first sight. The bell rang, time for class, when I enter I saw the girl again, my heart keeps beating and I sit besides her. She said hi and shakes a hand until now I am speechless and feel awkward. I spent sleepless nights thinking of her. She is sweet and intelligent. Many men got attracted to her. And I thought it could be more romantic if she is my date during this year prom. We became close all the way, she goes home early and comes to the class late, but at least she is smart and not behind the class. To our closeness, we shared our life experiences and told me about her secret work, she is a London escort and works to pay for her school. And she fits it since she got a beauty. Since tomorrow is prom day, I have asked her to be my date, and she said yes. During the event, people wowed by her, and she is my prom date.

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