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Health Minister Greg Hunt orders “urgent review” of EMEN8 website – OUTinPerth

Health Minister Greg Hunt orders “urgent review” of EMEN8 website
A joint initiative of the Victorian AIDS Council and AIDS Council of New South Wales (ACON) is facing review by the federal government after a report from The Australian. The EMEN8 website, established earlier this year, is a sexual health promotion

Schoolboy sex articles spark review of gay ‘health’ website –
Schoolboy sex articles spark review of gay 'health' website
Other articles reportedly feature tips on picking up at the gym and reviews for kinky sex toys. Another recent article appears to be at odds with national health guidelines on safe sex. The article titled 'Australian Opposites Attract study: condomless

Gay ‘health’ site’s sex caper alarms Hunt – The Australian

The Australian
Gay 'health' site's sex caper alarms Hunt
The Australian
A digital news site that provides gay men with tips on picking up at the gym, improving their Grindr rating and reviews for kinky sex toys was established with a federal government grant intended for health promotion. Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt

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Neighbors livid over kinky sex festival in nearby forest – New York Post

New York Post
Neighbors livid over kinky sex festival in nearby forest
New York Post
Residents of a sleepy English town are up in arms over a kinky sex festival heating up their neighboring forest. About 500 swingers from as far as Romania and Australia descended on Brokes Wood near Kent on Saturday for the second night of Flamefest, …
Flamefest death: Police investigate after man dies at 'kinky sex rave' in Tunbridge WellsThe Independent

'Explore pain, experience pleasure and fulfil your fantasies': Australians among 500 swingers descending on a quaint …Daily Mail
What is Flamefest? Tunbridge Wells sex festival in Brokes Wood where one man has diedThe Sun
Daily Star
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Unsatisfied Wife Find Satisfaction With An Escort

Vanessa was a young woman in her early 30’s when she got married. She fell in love with Aaron, a man she met 5 years ago at a party. Aaron was quite older than Vanessa, 18 years older to be precise. To her, age was nothing but a number. Their sex life was more than okay while they were still dating, but things took a different turn in the following years.

Aaron got fired from the company he was working for and decided to start his own mechanic business. He spent most of his time at work and always came home late. This trend persisted for a year and Vanessa was not getting enough of him. Their sex life deteriorated and Vanessa was unhappy. She tried to talk to her husband but the discussions bore no fruit.

One day her friend advised her to get an escort from London escorts. This seemed like a bad idea at first but after a few months of begging for quality sex from her husband, she decided to give it a try. She found a good looking, young male escort and set up a date with him when her husband was off to work.

She booked a hotel room and arrived earlier than the escort. A few minutes after she settled in the room, she heard a knock on the door. When she opened it, there stood a handsome young man. He walked in and sat on the couch. She was speechless at first but the escort initiated most of the conversation. She was ready and the body language said it all.

Some soft music played in the background and he asked her for a dance. She knew where this would lead to so she quickly accepted. They stood up for the dance, he pulled her closer and after a few minutes of slowly pressing against each other, he went for her lips. They kissed passionately before he carried her to the bed. He slowly put her on the bed and kissed her further. Her eyes were tightly closed as he started kissing her neck. He removed her bra and went straight for her nipples. She started moaning as one hand grabbed her pussy underneath her panty.

He decided to get rid of her panty and started licking her clit while he fingered her. She moaned further and was wet as hell. She pleaded “fuck me”. He didn’t hesitate. He pulled out his dick and started pounding her. He turned her over and gave her a doggy, thrusting her harder in accordance to her request. She squirted when she couldn’t hold it in any more. He continued with what he knew best. It was evident that this was going to be a long afternoon.…